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Meet perlite - Producer of expanded perlite

JAWAR is a leader in implementing innovative production solutions. The company has been on the market for 20 years and from the very beginning, the basis of its activity was to introduce modern products to the market and make life easier for their users. In Glinojeck, central Poland, a modern, automated production plant of JAWAR was built, which houses, among others, perlite expansion line. When you buy our perlite, you receive the product directly from the manufacturer!

What is perlite?

A material with a wide range of applications

Perlite is a rock of volcanic origin. It is also called volcanic glass because it is formed naturally by the hydration of cooling lava. As a result of its expansion, a material with a very low weight and the ability to retain water is obtained. Thanks to these features, it is used in many industries. Expanded perlite or horticultural perlite, which is in the form of light fine grains, is generally commercially available.

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Expanded perlite

Perlite in construction

Expanded perlite is produced by firing perlite ore at temperatures up to 1000 ° C. The chemical composition of the ore and the parameters of the expansion process make it a very universal material with a wide range of applications. It is a light material, chemically inert and resistant to high temperatures.

It is widely used primarily as an insulator in construction, in insulative concrete floors, plasters, in insulation of attics and in insulation of chimneys.

Agro perlite for gardening

Perlite in horticulture

Horticultural perlite for gardening is an ideal material for various types of substrates, greenhouse crops or hydroponic cultivation. Horticultural perlite appears in the form of porous granules of irregular shape, thanks to which it retains water very well. It is characterized by high sterility, it is also chemically inert. Perlite as a naturally occurring rock does not contain substances harmful to human health and life. It increases drainage, improves soil structure, protects seedlings during frosts, and also retains water and nutrients in the compost.

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Meet perlite

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Properties of perlite

What does this have to do with?

Expanded perlite is a very light material. Its bulk density is about 100 kg / m3, which is about 10 times lighter than water. This makes perlite a very good insulator. Moreover, perlite is a porous material, thanks to which it retains water very well.

It is a material resistant to high temperatures, chemically inert and biologically sterile. Like many other rock minerals, perlite is mainly composed of silica and alumina.


The use of perlite

Perlite - a multi-purpose material

Due to its unique properties, such as low weight, resistance to high temperatures and the ability to retain water, perlite is used in many branches of the economy. The basic applications of perlite are construction, where it is an insulator, and gardening - as an addition to substrates. In addition, perlite is used, inter alia, in in metallurgy, heat engineering, food industry, wastewater treatment plants, storm sewage systems and packaging.