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JAWAR is a among leaders in implementing innovative production solutions. The company has been on the market for 20 years and from the very beginning, the basis of its activity was to introduce modern products to the market and make life easier for their users.

We are one of the few European producers of modern isostatically pressed ceramics for chimneys, which ensures comfort and safety of use of the flue gas systems. As the first in Europe, we introduced perlite concrete blocks in chimney systems with isostatically pressed pipes

The JAWAR R&D team continues to work on new solutions for the construction industry and other industries.

A modern, automated perlite expansion plant

In 2017, a completely new, automated perlite expansion plant was built in Glinojeck, central Poland. It includes, among others, a perlite expansion line and prefabricated perlite-concrete production line. Production is based on the most modern production methods and with care for the natural environment.

Expanded perlite produced in our plant is made of the highest quality raw materials. The JAWAR team constantly improves the production technology and constantly monitors the high quality of manufactured products.

When you buy our perlite, you receive a product directly from the manufacturer – a proven material of the highest quality!

Research and development works

Thanks to the perlite expansion technology, the company conducts extensive research and development work on heat recovery systems in residential houses. The unique properties of perlite concrete allow for much better heat recovery parameters in installations such as chimney systems for heating devices with a closed combustion chamber or mechanical ventilation with recuperation. JAWAR research team is improving the production technology in order to achieve greater heat recovery in these installations. The implementation of this type of technology allows for savings in our clients’ homes and contributes to climate protection.

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