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Perlite in agriculture

Horticultural perlite, also known as agro perlite, appears in the form of porous granules of irregular shape, thanks to which it retains water very well. It is characterized by high sterility, it is also chemically inert. The use of perlite is very wide and effective, which is the reason why this product is also increasingly popular in horticulture.

Agro perlite is an ideal material for various types of substrates, greenhouse crops or hydroponic cultivation. It is perfect for replacing the traditional substrate, thus protecting the natural resources of the arable land.

Discover Agro Perlite

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What is Agro Perlite?

Perlite as a naturally occurring rock does not contain substances harmful to human health and life. It is chemically inert and, thanks to high temperature treatment, also biologically sterile. Perlite, thanks to its unique properties, is an increasingly appreciated product in horticulture, it is used as an additive that loosens the soil. Neutral pH and natural origin make it a perfect additive to any substrate, both gardening and agricultural. It is used, among others, in green nurseries, greenhouse cultivation, hydroponics, or as an addition to potted plants.

How to use Agro Perlite?

Horticultural perlite can be used alone in hydroponic cultivation or as an additive for soil, in order to strengthen the rooting of flower, vegetable or fruit cuttings.

In cup crops, moistened perlite is introduced into boxes or pots. It is necessary to remember to maintain constant humidity in them. When using perlite in different mixtures (e.g. for transplanting plants), the correct proportions must be observed. Perlite should be mixed with the substrate in the amount of 10-30%, e.g. for 3 liters of soil 1 liter of perlite should be used.

Properties of Agro Perlite:

  • Natural origin
  • Chemical inertia (neutral pH)
  • Good thermal properties (minimizes plant damage during frosts)
  • Biological sterility
  • Hygroscopic properties
  • Low specific gravity
  • Resistant to microorganisms and pests
  • High physical stability

Application of Agro Perlite:

  • Hydroponic cultivation – replaces the traditional substrate;
  • Soil mixtures – perlite is used to aerate and loosen heavy soil, it maintains an appropriate level of humidity;
  • As an additive to potted plants – perlite reduces water evaporation and ensures regular air flow to the root system;
  • Plant reproduction – a mixture of soil and perlite facilitates the development of the plant root system;
  • Greenhouse crops – it is used as a soil regulator, reduces the gravity of the soil;
  • Green areas – used for the construction and renovation of tennis courts, golf courses, stadium grasslands or green belts in urban spaces;
  • Installation of green roofs and roof gardens;
  • Mycelium media;
  • Feed additive – as a carrier of antibiotics;

Advantages of using Agro Perlite:

  • increases drainage and improves soil structure;
  • protects seedlings during frosts;
  • retains water and nutrients in the compost, affecting the quality of the substrate;
  • limits water evaporation from the substrate;
  • balances the soil in terms of its acidity;
  • eliminates the risk of cracking the soil surface;
  • enables proper root growth in the entire substrate;
  • aerates and loosens the soil;
  • provides regular air flow to the root system;
  • facilitates the development of the plant root system and prevents its damage;
  • reduces the weight of green roofs or roof gardens;
  • contributes to the reduction of production costs;

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