Properties of perlite

Properties of perlite

Expanded perlite is produced by roasting perlite ore at temperatures up to 1000 ° C. The chemical composition of the ore and the parameters of the expansion process give us a very universal material with a wide range of applications.

Physical properties of perlite

Chemical composition of perlite (as oxides)

Refractive index1,5
Specific gravity2,2-2,4
Bulk density of the ore960-1200kg/m3
Bulk density of the expanded perlite60-160kg/m3
Softening temperature871-1093 oC
Melting temperature1260-1343 oC
Specific heat837 J/kg*K
Heat conductivity (λ)0,045 – 0,065 W/m*K
Solubility– Dissolves in alkali and hydrogen fluoride, – Moderately dissolved in 1N NaOH (<10%), – It is poorly soluble in mineral acids (<3%), – Very slightly soluble in water and weak acids (<1%)

Perlite information:

Chemically neutral – thanks to its natural origin (transformed igneous rock) it is safe for people and the environment and does not react with other substances;

Light – depending on the origin and type of ore used and its expansion parameters, the weight of 1 m3 of perlite may vary from 60 kg to over 120 kg;

Available in various fractions – as a result of perlite expansion, we can obtain fractions from dusty to grains of over 5mm

Resistant to high temperatures – the expansion process carried out at a temperature of about 1000 ° C allows us to safely use perlite in conditions with high temperatures;

With low thermal conductivity – which allows use in thermal insulation

Dampens noise – can be used in acoustic insulation

Absorbent – high absorbency of about 250% makes it a good sorbent for oils or petroleum substances (e.g. petrol)

Technical data of perlite

  • Bulk density: 90 – 110 kg / m³
  • Granularity as in the table
Grain sizeQuantity in volume
+2mmMin. 25%
+1mmMin. 85%
+0,5mmMin. 90%
-0,5mmMax 10%

What is the chemical composition of perlite?

Chemical composition of perlite (as oxides)

Loss on ignition (chemically bound water)3-5%

What is the use of perlite

Due to its unique properties, such as low weight, resistance to high temperatures and the ability to retain water, perlite is used in many branches of the economy. The basic applications of perlite are construction, where it is an insulator, and gardening – as an addition to substrates. In addition, perlite is used, inter alia, in in metallurgy, heat engineering, food industry, wastewater treatment plants, storm sewage systems and packaging.

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